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Generate, manage and promote reviews with Local Incite’s Reputation Management Platform. More positive reviews increase instore sales and boost Google Local Pack visibility.

Local Incite’s Review Generation platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate the process of collecting reviews, leveraging various communication channels such as texts, emails, and QR codes to ensure maximum reach and impact. By harnessing the power of multiple touchpoints, businesses can efficiently engage with their customers and prompt them to share their feedback effortlessly.

The platform also empowers businesses to capitalize on positive experiences, effectively transforming satisfied customers into valuable advocates who leave positive reviews on prominent review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other influential platforms. This strategic approach not only amplifies the visibility and credibility of the business but also strengthens its online reputation and brand presence across multiple channels.


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    Access Over 65 Online Review Platforms

    According to a recent study, a one-star improvement on leads to a boost of 5% to 9% on sales in the short term. Even a small improvement can have a massive impact. Here are some other benefits to consider:

    • Positive Reviews and High Volume Reviews can help a website rank higher in the Google Local Pack and in general organic search results.
    • Businesses in the Local Pack receive on average 126% more traffic and 93 percent more conversion-oriented actions than those ranked 4-10.
    • The quantity of the reviews, average star ratings and when the reviews were made all have an impact on your business.

    Local Incite recommends that you can never have enough positive reviews. Remember that online reviews are time-stamped, so a review today may have more weight than that a review received months ago. Also, positive reviews are testimonials that local customers have enjoyed your product or service. The benefits of generating and promoting online reviews are many and should be an ongoing part of your business marketing strategy

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