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AI Driven Review Recall

Fake and non-compliant reviews on Google can have detrimental effects on any local business. The impact can result in loss of credibility, lower SEO rankings, negative impact to overall reputation, lead to a higher vulnerability to more malicious attacks, customer and revenue loss. Also, fake and non-compliant reviews can drive away 1 out of 10 daily potential customers visiting your Google profile, leading to significant revenue losses.

Take control of your online reputation!

Local Incite has your solution to fake reviews and non-compliant Google reviews! Our proprietary AI technology helps to identify fake and non-compliant reviews and initiate the removal process directly to Google. You can trust Review Recall to protect your business profiles, fight for your score and unleash your true potential for success. Powered by a revolutionary AI, Review Recall is the ultimate solution to safeguard your Google Business Score.

When you enroll in Review Recall our team will deliver results:

  • Identify and address non-compliant and misleading reviews
  • Mitigate misleading reviews impact on your business reputation and revenue
  • Create a higher social score and improve conversational AI
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings
  • Ensure your business profile is protected

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    How to Manage Fake & Non-Compliant Reviews

    Removing Fake & Non-Compliant Reviews 

    Removing fake and non-compliant reviews is essential for many reasons. These reviews can tarnish the reputation of a business unfairly. Negative feedback, even if unjustified, can deter potential customers and undermine trust in the business’s products or services. Also, fake reviews distort the accuracy of online ratings and reviews, making it challenging for consumers to make informed decisions.

    When fake reviews artificially inflate or deflate a business’s rating, it skews perceptions and prevents customers from getting an accurate representation of the business. Additionally, removing fake and non-compliant reviews helps maintain the integrity of online review platforms. These platforms rely on authentic and genuine feedback to function effectively as trusted resources for consumers. Overall, removing fake and non-compliant reviews is crucial for preserving the reputation of businesses, ensuring fairness and accuracy in online reviews, and upholding the integrity of review platforms.

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