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The single most important thing you can do to attract new customers is to take control of your online reviews on sites like , Yelp, Google, YP, TripAdvisor, etc.

Reviews Are Increasingly Essential to Your Clients Decision Making!

Almost two-thirds of shoppers think that online reviews are an essential part of the decision-making process. When they want to know the best places to go, they turn to Google, Yelp, and YP more than ever before. In fact, 91% of people read them and 84% trust them as much as they would a personal recommendation.

The effects of reviews are also highly measurable. The average customer is willing to spend 31% more on a retailer that has excellent reviews. LocalIncite provides full lifecycle review management solutions. From Review Generation to Review Monitoring and Analysis

About LocalIncite

Online reviews bridge the gap between traditional word-of-mouth and viral feedback that can build trust, increase sales and improve online visibility.

Online reviews can have a significant impact on a business’s search engine optimization (SEO) and local search ranking. Positive reviews help to boost a business’s visibility in search engine results, making it more likely that potential customers will find it when searching for products or services. This can be especially important for small businesses or those that operate in highly competitive industries.

From agency to enterprise, LocalIncite’s Revu-it Platform delivers innovative solutions to meet the challenges brands and marketers face every day.

Our Strategy

More Reviews. More Sales.

Review Solicitation

Improve Local Search Results & Convert Online Leads to Instore Sales with Revu-It!

Online reviews are a key part of the buying process, especially toward the bottom of the funnel. When customers compare products or services, they often choose the ones that have more positive online reviews. A lack of reviews makes buyers feel increased risk, which makes them less likely to buy.

LocalIncite’s “Revu-It Platform” can help you generate more positive reviews that can dramatically improve your business within weeks. Request a demo today!

The Numbers

Why Reviews Matter?

Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase, making reviews a critical factor in buying decisions for consumers.

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Read Reviews

95% of shoppers read the reviews posted on review sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook before making a purchase.

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Increase Conversions

Customer reviews can increase conversions by 270%.

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Negative Reviews

94% of consumers refuse to patronize a business because of negative reviews.

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Trust Reviews

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends.

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